Izborni dan u Hercegovini miran: Najveća izlaznost do 15 časova u Berkovićima i Gacku

EASTERN HERZEGOVINA – The electoral process in the area of ​​eastern Herzegovinian municipalities passes without recorded incidents, and by 15.00 hours the highest turnout was recorded in the Berkovići municipality, where 57.2% of voters or 946 citizens voted.

In the city of Trebinje, civil rights were used by 14,345 citizens or 49% of registered voters.

The president of the Municipal Election Commission / GIK / Zeljka Ruzic confirmed Srna that the elections in Trebinje are taking place without recorded incidents.

She pointed out that the highest turnout was recorded at the polling station in the Gorica settlement in the premises of the local community, where 67% of registered voters came out.

In Bileca, until 5 pm, citizens’ rights were used by 5,065 citizens or 51.17 percent of voters.

In the same period, 56% of registered voters voted in the Gacka area or 4,507 citizens, while in Nevesinje 49.3% were registered, which is 5,551 registered voters.

1.699 citizens or 52% of registered voters voted in the Ljubinje area by 3 pm.

In the easternmost eastern Herzegovina municipality of East Mostar, 50 percent of voters or 78 inhabitants of the city came to the polls.

In Trebinje Police Department, Srna confirmed that they had not recorded any application for re-election of the election process.